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Rebate forex is the amount of commission you get from transactions that you have made, rebates can also be referred to as returns. So in forex, besides you can benefit from buying and selling currencies, you can also benefit from rebates.

In order to make it easier to understand rebates, we provide the following examples:

  • You make a transaction of 1 Lot in EUR / USD pairs
  • When the transaction is closed (close position) you get some funds from the amount of the contract you made
  • At IC Markets, you will get up to $ 3 for every 1 Lot of your transaction

This rebate does not depend whether your trading profit or loss, you will always get a rebate from the amount of your transaction. Please note that you can get a rebate through us, IC Markets Indonesia Official IB.

How to Get Rebates

In order for your account to be eligible for getting rebates it's easy, you only need to be registered as our IB client and you are automatically entitled to get rebates since the very first transaction you made.

We as an IB ICMarkets, offer two types of rebate that you can choose, namely Auto Rebate and Manual Rebate. We include the explanation for both types of rebate below.

Partner ID 4420 (Auto Rebate)

Partner ID 6351 (Manual Rebate)

Rebate Type

There are 2 Types of Rebates offered by :

Details - New Register - Auto Rebate

Auto Rebate ICMarkets is a type of rebate whose commission is paid directly into your trading account in the form commission deductions for the MT4 / MT5 / cTrader platform account Raw Spread/True ECN, and spread deduction for the MT4 / MT5 / cTrader platform Standard account.

Account Type Rebate
Standard Lot x 0.3 Pips
Raw Spread / True ECN 21% of commission
cTrader ECN 12% of commission

To be eligible for auto rebate status, you can simply register to become an IC Markets client through our IB.

Details - New List - Manual Rebate

FAQ - Tanya Jawab

Tanya: Apa untungnya saya jika daftar melalui affiliate IB?? dan apakah spread, swap, komisi saya akan berubah kalo saya daftar langsung ke situ icmarkets, atau melalui affiliate link IB??
Jawab: Keuntungan mendaftar melalui link affiliate IB adalah anda berhak mendapatkan rebate/potongan komisi (utk akun ECN) dan potongan spread (utk akun standard).
Untuk spread, swap, komisi tidak akan berpengaruh baik anda daftar langsung ke icmarkets, ataupun melalui partner IB ICMarkets.

Tanya: Saya sudah punya akun sebelumnya, apakah saya bisa mendapatkan rebate dari sini?
Jawab: Jika anda sudah mempunyai akun di IC Markets dan sekarang anda ingin mendapatkan rebate, anda bisa melalukan request kepada IC Markets agar akun anda dijadikan klien IB Kami, dengan syarat anda belum pernah mendaftar melalui IB lain sebelumnya. Silahkan kirim email kepada IC Markets menggunakan format email dibawah ini:

Tanya: Saya sudah punya akun dan terdaftar di IB lain, tapi tidak mendapatkan rebate, bagaimana solusinya?
Jawab: Jika anda sudah terdaftar dengan IB lain, yang bisa anda lakukan adalah mendaftar ulang ke IC Markets melalui link IB kami baik itu Auto Rebate or Manual Rebate, kemudian lakukan verifikasi ulang dan melakukan request ke support IC Markets agar saldo pada akun lama di transfer ke akun baru. Berikut format emailnya:

Daftar Manual REBATE ICMarkets

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